Full due diligence background check reports are our most popular product. There is no better way to quickly and affordably acquire details of a person or company. Includes identity verification, criminal and civil lawsuits, industry sanctions, news, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, and additional private and public sources. All reports include an easy-to-read case summary along with supporting documentation and, when available, imaged legal filings. Turnaround time averages one week or less.

If you have a small budget or less risk exposure, our Abbreviated due diligence reports may be the answer. Comprised primarily of ID verification and derogatory information, you’ll have a high level view of who you are dealing with.

International due diligence report content is dependant on the jurisdiction and may include police inquiries, residency verification, credit reports, general business reputation, supreme and local courts, press coverage, and other country-specific items. Rates vary by region. Please contact us for a quote.

Document Retrieval solutions utilizing our worldwide network of specialists brings you county or federal court dockets, recorded liens and judgments, bankruptcy schedules, UCC certificates, domestic or international corporation certificates, and more.